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We Know What It Means to Provide Support for a Loved One with Special Needs

A special needs trust is a legal financial trust account established for the specific purpose of distributing assets to a family member or other beneficiary who receives government benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.

If the special needs family member receiving government benefits directly inherits assets upon the death of his or her parents, the government will step in and take these assets to reimburse itself for the cost of all benefits past and current, until the inheritance is totally depleted.

JEP4_roadrunnerHowever, by leaving assets to a carefully drafted Special Needs Trust, a family can ensure that its disabled child will get the benefit of the inheritance, which can substantially improve the quality of life above the minimal level provided by SSI and Medicaid, while preserving the right to continue to receive these government benefits

A Special Needs Trust Is an Excellent Asset Protection Tool

If you are a resident of the Phoenix metro region, or have an elderly parent living in the area who currently benefits from your direct supplemental financial support, call the Law Offices of John E. Perry Jr., in Anthem, Arizona. Estate planning lawyer John “Ned” Perry and his wife Hiroko are the parents of a daughter, Annie, born with Down syndrome and severe autism. We understand the emotional and financial burdens of worrying about what will happen to your loved one when there is no one left to supplement your level of care.

As a business law attorney for more than 30 years, Ned has extensive experience working through the financial and legal issues related to establishing a trust and distributing assets according to a sound estate preservation plan.

Caring, Knowledgeable Glendale Elder Law Attorney

If you are considering ways to continue supporting your loved one with special needs, talk to an attorney who speaks your language. Start by getting straight answers to your questions. From our offices in Anthem, Arizona, we serve clients in communities throughout Maricopa County and the Phoenix metro region. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation with Phoenix special needs trust attorney Ned Perry today.