Elder Law Attorney

John PerryFirst, it is important to clarify that there is specific area of the legal profession known as elder law. The term is most commonly used to define an array of transactional and estate preservation services primarily for senior citizens interested in making advance decisions about their final health care needs, financial obligations and asset protection.

At the Law Offices of John E. Perry Jr., in Anthem, Arizona, we talk to senior citizens every day who moved to the Phoenix metro area for the same reason we did — sunshine and warm winters. Many of our friends and neighbors left family and friends behind and are now in a position to make sure they are not a burden to their adult children as their medical, financial and legal needs change in the twilight years of their lives.

Personable, Friendly and Ready to Help You Understand Estate Planning Needs

JEP7_yuccaJohn “Ned” Perry opened his law firm with one simple goal: to offer friendly, professional estate planning services that are focused on helping relieve the stress of people faced with so many confusing options about ways to protect their surviving spouse and family members from having to make tough decisions on their behalf.

Ned has a business law background (in fact, he continues to offer business law services) and understands what it means to struggle with complex issues involving financial decisions, disputes and contractual language. When it comes to Medicaid planning, securing social services for a disability and contractual language, Ned comes prepared with more than three decades of legal knowledge and experience. He will fully explain your options and walk you through the process to make sure you understand exactly what you are reading, who will benefit and why you should — or shouldn’t — sign on the dotted line.

It makes sense to start your estate planning process with sound legal advice and straight answers. Contact the firm’s offices in Anthem to discuss any area of elder law services, including:

Wills and Probate

  • Initial wills
  • Updated wills
  • Will disputes and contested will litigation
  • Executor services, family representative services
  • Estate administration, handling creditors and contractual obligations upon death


  • Testamentary trusts for the distribution of assets upon your death
  • Living trusts for distributing assets while you are still alive
  • Irrevocable trusts, for permanently protecting your legacy assets from high estate taxes
  • Revocable trusts, assets available for withdrawal under specific tax conditions
  • Special needs trusts to provide for the care of a disabled or infirm loved one upon your death
  • Charitable trusts, tax deductions for providing funds for your selected nonprofit organizations

Experienced Phoenix Special Needs Trust Lawyer

JEP16_rugIt is not unusual for a senior citizen to become infirm and unable to handle his or her own affairs regarding long-term care, financial decisions and legal options. By establishing a special needs trust for the incapacitated loved one in your life, you can control exactly how your estate assets are to be distributed for the care and well-being of the beneficiary. In many cases, sound Medicaid planning will ensure that the state of Arizona and long-term care insurance will pay for the cost of nursing home care. But the amount of care is often restricted to base services. By establishing a special needs trust, you can contribute a specific amount of money to enhance the level of care and comfort provided to your loved one.

Advanced Planning

  • Advance health care directives to specify your medical treatment preferences at the end of life
  • Powers of attorney, giving a family member authority to make financial and legal decisions
  • Medicaid planning, distributing assets that would be taken by the state for long-term care
  • Medicare planning, supplemental health insurance and long-term care insurance options
  • Protecting insurance benefits, Social Security payments and disability benefits
  • Guardianship and conservatorship, to gain legal control over the affairs of a minor-aged child or adult who does not have the capacity to make legal, financial or health care decisions.

From our offices in Anthem, Arizona, we serve clients in communities throughout Maricopa County and the Phoenix metro region. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation with Scottsdale elder law lawyer Ned Perry today.