Business Law

The owner of a business is going to encounter a myriad of legal problems, from the initial structuring of his company and preparation of employment manuals, agreements and forms, to business contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and the eventual dissolution. He needs a lawyer who understands his problems and can propose solutions which are consistent with his need to protect his investment while at the same time controlling his administrative costs.

Examples of recent work for business clients

  1. Restructured a 50+ year old farming business to accommodate the entry of a new shareholder and manager.
    Provided succession planning for the eventual retirement of the owner/founder;
  2. Advised the minority shareholder of a professional corporation (medical practice) during the negotiation and sale of his ownership interest to the majority owners.
    Structured the terms of a secured note to permit the payment over time while protecting the client against the possible failure of the business;
  3. Negotiated the merger of two competing industrial product distributorships through the creation of a new jointly owned and managed company;
  4. Investigated the structure of a joint venture to develop and operate a gold mine in Colorado.
    Advised the client on exit strategies after the appearance of a conflict of interest and improper transactions by the financial partner to the venture;
  5. Created an Arizona company to provide in-home care services to disabled customers.
    Drafted the terms of a Care Provider Services Agreement for use by such company.

JEP5_cornAttorney Ned Perry has not only acted as outside counsel to many corporations while in private practice, but he has also served as the general counsel to three companies, and has started up two of his own businesses. As an Arizona business law attorney he has the background to provide a business owner with all the necessary legal documentation, but more importantly because he has stood in the business owners shoes he also can serve as a valuable source of advice in dealing with the many problems that come up on a daily basis.

Depending on the stage your business in currently in, whether in the planning stages or well established, we can represent you in:

  • Business formation including LLCs, S and C corps and partnerships
  • Employment applications and agreements
  • Employee manuals
  • Business contracts including technology licensing, distribution agreements and consulting contracts
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Dissolution of the business

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