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Arizona has some of the most complicated laws regarding legal protections for adults who lack the mental or emotional capacity to make decisions for themselves regarding financial, legal and medical affairs. If the disabled or incapacitated adult does not have a legal guardian or conservator, the court appoints an attorney to represent the disabled person for all legal matters, without the parents participation. After the individual has turned 18, parents lose control of legal rights and may not even be notified of hearings and decisions regarding their child’s affairs.

JEP2_geckoThe Law Offices of John E. Perry Jr., in Anthem, Arizona, is ready to help you avoid the complications and frustrations of applying for legal guardianship. Attorney John “Ned” Perry and his wife Hiroko raised their daughter, Annie, who has Down syndrome and severe autism. As they sought medical, educational and social services in various states of residency, they gained an in-depth understanding of the legal process and strategies for overcoming hurdles to a successful confirmation as guardian.

What is the difference between conservatorship and guardianship?

Conservatorship over another adult gives the appointee control over the financial assets and holdings of the incapacitated adult. The appointed conservator will not have authority to make decisions regarding legal or medical matters.

Guardianship is typically more comprehensive in its scope of authority. Full guardianship may be granted the parents of an adult child with severe disabilities, giving the parents legal and financial control of the child, as if the child remained a minor. Guardianship appointments may also be limited in scope, per the type of appointment.

If you have a minor-aged child with a disability or will otherwise be unable to make decisions for himself or herself as an adult, start legal guardianship or conservatorship process early. Arizona is among the most difficult states in which to successfully gain appointment as guardian or conservator. Even when the appointment is uncontested, the process is complicated, intimidating and frustrating. Attorney Ned Perry will explain the strategies and options for moving your application through the system with minimum of unnecessary and frustrating delays.

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