Do I Need a Will, Or if I Have One, Do I Need to Have It Probated?

Yesterday an elder asked me the question, “Do I really need a Will?” The answer may seem obvious, since every authoritative source (if you google that question, you will see what I mean) responds in the affirmative. However, I have had elder clients who after careful consideration (and despite my warnings) have chosen either not… Read more

Arizona Tries to Bully Family with Cerebral Palsy Member to Cut Costs

This anecdote comes from a local Arizona Dept. of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) case worker’s decision to refuse to continue attendant care benefits to a wheelchair bound person suffering from Cerebral Palsy (CP). I learned about it from an advocate for the family involved. Everyone is already aware that funding for the disabled in Arizona has… Read more


Elder Defense Against Identity Theft

Elders are particularly prone to identity theft for a number of reasons. They are often not savvy about the risks involved, particularly when they involve online commerce. Elders are often overly trusting of telephone solicitors who use pretexts to obtain confidential personal information, and they often don’t check their bank and credit card statements for unauthorized transactions. As… Read more