Phoenix Estate Planning Lawyer

The Elder Law Lawyer You Hire Can Make a Big Difference

Estate planning is not just about writing a will and sticking it in filing cabinet. With proper understanding of the financial and tax tools available, an effective plan can save you a significant percentage off the taxes your heirs could be faced with upon your death.

An effective estate preservation plan includes taking the full measure of your current assets, as well as the future value of assets such as:

  • Life insurance proceeds
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Social Security benefits
  • Retirement savings and pensions
  • Business assets

JEP9_kachinaIf you reside in the Phoenix metro area, start your estate planning with a comprehensive overview of your current financial circumstances and what legal and financial instruments are available to help you meet your goals. At the Law Offices of John E. Perry Jr., in Anthem, we help people of all ages and generations understand how proper planning now can benefit your surviving spouse and family members.

Talk to us about tools such as:

  • Wills to distribute your assets according to your wishes
  • Trusts as a way to avoid the costs of probate
  • Financial powers of attorney, in the event you become incapacitated
  • Living wills and advance health care directives, so your family won’t be burdened with emotional medical decisions as you face the end of your life
  • Business succession planning, to make sure your successful business stays in the family
  • Medicaid planning, to avoid losing your family’s financial future in nursing home costs
  • Guardianship or conservatorship over a family member with special needs
  • Life insurance planning, so significant proceeds are invested for future growth

Protection from Creditors

Nearly everyone dies with some personal debt obligations. Creditors do not forgive credit card debt, mortgages or car payments just because a key wage earner dies. We can help you protect your assets from creditors. We also provide a full range of services for administering the final affairs of the estate, including satisfying all contractual obligations and collecting money owed by the estate from various sources.

Protection from Ex-Spouses and Stepchildren

It is not uncommon for an ex-spouse to dispute the contents of a will, particularly if the former marriage was long term or if the will was not properly updated following the divorce. Attorney John “Ned” Perry has more than 30 years of contract and business litigation experience and is a formidable representative in dispute resolution and litigation matters involving contested wills and trust distribution.

Experienced Glendale Asset Protection Attorney

If you are considering ways to continue supporting your loved one with special needs, talk to an attorney who speaks your language. Start by getting straight answers to your questions. From our offices in Anthem, Arizona, we serve clients in communities throughout Maricopa County and the Phoenix metro region. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation with Phoenix estate planning attorney Ned Perry today.